Lotion Up

Nicole Stone

I know that we all love to lotion up, I am a Lichen Planus sufferer this dermatitis is a inflammatory skin condition, which from time to time gives me an itchy, non-infectious rash. I have tried many lotions for releif but have not found, however a lot of lotions on the market are not what they say they are.

I have found and tried a brand new lotion that is very absorbant and releives dry itchy skin. I have been buying eucerin for years but this new lotion, I know I'm switching over.

After researching, I found there was a clinical study which found people who used this lotion had releif of not only dryness but flaking, redness, as well as scaling due to eczema. This non-greasy clinically proven lotion works fast, better and last longer than the lotions I've used. To find out more information about this amazing releif lotion e-mail me at


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